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Small history of guobaorou
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Fried pork in soup (English Name: fried pork in soup), formerly known as fried pork, was founded in the reign of Guangxu by Zheng Xingwen, the chef of Du Xueying, the official of Daotai Prefecture in Harbin. After being cooked, it has golden color and sweet and sour taste.

Guobaorou is to adapt to the taste of foreign guests, the salty and fresh taste of "burnt meat" into a sweet and sour taste dishes. Usually sliced pork tenderloin, marinated, wrapped in fried pulp, deep fry until golden yellow, then stir fry and thicken.

In the Qing Dynasty, Zheng Xingwen, a flagman, came to Beijing with his father at the age of 6. He gradually became interested in cooking, and later paid homage to Chen Caibao, a descendant of Huaiyang cuisine. In 1907, Zheng Xingwen went to Harbin Binjiang Dao Yamen and became an official chef, catering for Du Xueying. Daotai house often entertains foreign guests, especially Russian guests. Because foreigners like to eat sweet and sour taste. Du Xueying ordered the cooks to change the taste of the dishes. Zheng Xingwen changed the original salty and fresh flavor of "burnt meat strips" into sour and sweet dishes, which made Harbin the origin of guobaorou.

Russian guests like this dish very much. They order it every time they eat. It is called "pan fried meat" because it is fried quickly with a quick fire, heated in an iron pan, and soaked in the juice and meat. Russian people make the sound of "explosion" as a package. Over a long period of time, "pan fried meat" has evolved into "Pan wrapped meat".


Before the Xi'an Incident, the three eastern provinces were under the jurisdiction of the Zhang family, and many dishes in Daotai prefecture were forbidden and private. After the Japanese occupation of Heilongjiang, some folk crafts and food recipes gradually flowed out, and guobaorou began to spread in Harbin and outside. After changing the appearance of "crispy pork with tomato sauce" or "steamed bun with tomato sauce", the original appearance of "crispy pork with tomato sauce" was reduced.