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Marketing Manager

Address: South of Shilipu village, Shilipu Town, Yishui County salary interview contact: manager Huang 15165511888

1. Responsible for the establishment of product promotion, organization of new product launch promotion, as well as the promotion of regional agents;

2. Responsible for the creation of model market, assist agents to develop end customers, and improve the complete distribution system of prefecture level agents in the local market;

3. Assist the company to organize the product ordering meeting, collect the large-scale products of the company ordering meeting, and organize and participate in the national industry associations;

4. Formulate feasible marketing plan, summarize and implement through promotion mode;

5. Responsible for organizing product promotion activities of relevant channels;

6. Finish other work assigned by leader.


1. Marketing, business administration and other related majors (educational background, not high requirements, ability oriented);

2. Master marketing skills, understand enterprise operation mode, familiar with promotion related knowledge;

3. Have good oral expression ability, strong adaptability, interpersonal skills, strong executive ability;

4. Fair, patient, dedicated, strong sense of responsibility, optimistic working attitude, able to work under pressure, strong teamwork ability;

5. More than three years of sales experience, good health, good image, good temperament.


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