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Shandong Lujia Food Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating production, retail and wholesale. Let the people eat healthy food this idea spur and accompany Lujia food forward every step. Lujia food has just started, from nothing to have, from have to excellent, steady every step.

The company's operations are meat and bone, Sichuan chicken, mini kebab, snowflake chicken, chicken chops. Our company not only sells and wholesales the food produced by ourselves, but also has professional people to provide technical guidance. Welcome all interested friends to visit us!

We have been committed to open the way to quality, innovation escort, in order to become experts and advocates in the industry, expand the sales network throughout the national market, chain supermarkets, new hotels, chain restaurants, Internet direct sales, professional OEM production lines and so on.

The changes of the times determine the mainstream and trend of consumption. We not only carry forward the catering culture and create high-quality products with rigorous production professionalism, but also touch the pulse of the new era with honest wisdom and keen vision, and have insight into the needs and desires of consumers; Good products, good conscience, strict self-discipline and strict behavior are the driving force of our long-term development. We will continue to forge ahead and sum up, and join hands with you to enter the era of green environmental protection: healthy health, fashionable body care quality, welcome your joining and supervision!


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The concept of letting the people eat healthy food spurs and accompanies Lujia Food every step of the way